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AXON is a global oilfield equipment company specializing in pressure products, well intervention products, drilling products, rig concept and design, downhole products, and tubular products. In particular, AXON has a wide range of pressure products for surface and subsea applications. From system designs and individual products to technical support, our Pressure Products group delivers exceptional pressure control solutions for your unique challenges. 


Control Products

Surface Applications: Accumulator Units, Remote Panels, Control Units, Diverter Controls and Auxiliary Equipment.

Subsea Applications Mux Controls, Discrete Controls, Auxiliary Equipment.

Flow Control Products

Surface Applications: Check Valves, Chokes, Gate Valves, Manifolds, Plug Valves, Actuators, Frac Trees.

Subsea Applications, Gate Valves 

Pressure Control Products

Surface Applications: Ram BOPs, Annular BOPs, Flanges and Accessories, Wellhead & Welltest Equipment, Diverters.

Subsea Applications: Ram BOPs, Annular BOPs, Connectors, Diverters. 

Elastomer Products

Surface & Subsea Applications: Ram Top Seals and Packers  Fixed & Variable Bore Rams  Blind, Pipe & Shear Rams, Packing Elements,.

Seal Kits: BOPs, Connectors, Valves, Packing Seals, Variable Bore Rams.


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