OGCS - Bricco Alliance

We offer abrasive Media Blasting using silica-free Aluminum Oxide, Steel grit, Crushed Glass/Garnet, and glass bead or as required by customer specification. Multi-coat paint systems such as Carboline, Jotun, International, Hempel, Sherwin-Willians, Denzo, and Liquid 3M Skotchkote. Thermal-cure coatings such as Sermagard/Xylar/other Cermet Coatings, Xylan, Fusion-bonded Epoxies, 3M SkotchKote, Decorative Powders, Molybdenum Disulfide, Phenolic coatings, and others depending on Customer Specifications. 

Media Blasting

Offered as part of our other services, or by itself. Can achieve 0.2-5.0 Mil anchor pattern using media from Baking soda to Black Beauty to Steel Shot. Our media is Silica-Free, and all blasting is done to your company specifications, or manufacture recommendations at any NACE Levels. 

Zinc Phosphate

We will be using Zinc Phosphate on steel parts for corrosion resistance, lubricity, or as a foundation for subsequent coatings or painting. Zinc phosphates are perferred for corrosion resistance (phosphate and oil), a lubricant base layer, and as a paint/coating base. 

Single-Coat and Direct to Metal Coatings

New Technology single coat (DTM) Direct to metal offerings of Coal-Tar Epoxy, Epoxy and Polyurethanes from Hempel®, Sherwin Williams®, ShearWater® and other leading supplies can reduce and turn-around times for you and your customer. 

Ever-Slik 1201 & 1301

Ever-Slik™ 1201® is a thermally cured, specially blended epoxy based coating which provides outstanding corrosion resistance in almost any environment. Along with its excellent corrosion resistance, Ever-Slik™ 1201 is ideal for applications where an abrasion resistant coating is needed. Ever-Slik™ 1201 also offers excellent barrier protection from harsh chemicals and solvents. 

Ceramic Metallic Coatings

Often used as a corrosion-resistant primer under other sealers. Chrome Free alternatives are available. We offer Ceramic Coatings that will withstand up to 1600°F

Fusion-Bonded Epoxy

3M Scotchkote™: “An advanced high performance fusion-bonded epoxy coating. High cathodic disbanding resistance. This same coating is also available in a Liquid Air Dry System as well.  

Multi-Coat Systems

These are typically project or application specific coating systems. Requiring exposure to salt water, UV light, and other environmental wear. Normally consisting of a primer, mid-coat and a UV resistant topcoat.

Xylan Coatings

Low-Friction, wear resistant composites of fluoropolymers and reinforcing binder resins. Can also be applied over cermet coatings for increased carrion resistance. Can be used for purposes like identification because its offered in a variety of colors.  


Powder coatings

Both functional and/or decorative, powder gives completely sealed coverage. Powder can be either electrostatically charged to a part and then melted, or applied to a hot part and melted, then cured afterwards.  


Phenolic Coatings

A crosslinked, two-component, high build Epoxy Phenolic coatings offer both corrosion and chemical resistance is high temperature service environments. These coatings are available in air dry and oven cured formulas.  

*Most of the coating systems we offer can be used on any metal substrate, except for cast metals which require special attention.