Strategic Alliance OGCS - Burotec

Quality Inspection: Engineering: Design; Technical assistance, regulations, authorization;

Process quality control; Environmental monitoring; Energy savings; Technical assistance: Construction management, security coordination; Inspection of products, equipment, facilities; Management with laboratories, tests according to directives; Approval, CE marking, international quality standards; Third part audit; Custom training. 

Our Services


OGCS provides unique services on Oil & Gas industrial Products with an excellent value addition to manufacturers. We help to ensure that the materials purchased by the client are supplied as defined, in accordance with their orders and specifications, supporting and assisting them in the settlement of any technical or quality issue. These services can be performed at any location defined by the client. 

Audit Mill

The result of this audit report is to verify the Quality System of manufacturing, in which all the processes are recorded and valued items as production control, documentary, test records, manufacturing test and product testing. OGCS add value and experience according to ISO standards.


Management Systems allow companies to develop their work with the highest quality standards, prioritizing resources and optimizing their processes. These improvements reflect on profitability for the organization. OGCS  helps companies implanting ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 among others. Our auditors are required for their experience and high quality service. We also provide product certification services for international market trade, such as CE Marking, for the European Economic Area, and other useful Quality Marks.


We have 25 years of experience in several engineering areas: industrial engineering projects, image engineering, licensing, and regulatory management, topographic georadar studies. We aim to execute integrated management of your project. OGCS provides a very competitive price-quality offer, which includes intense communication and integration with each client's needs.

Our Core Inspection Services

  • Audit Mill.
  • Blue Print Reading.
  • Check of material identification.
  • Dimensional Inspection.
  • Material test reports.
  • Material's identification & traceability.
  • Packing and Marking inspection.
  • Pre-Inspection Meeting.
  • Progressive Manufacturing Inspection.
  • PSI - Pre Shipment Inspection.
  • Specification Technical Interpretation
  • Verification of surface finishing and painting.
  • Visual and dimensional examination.
  • Welding inspections assistance.

Acreditations Oil & Gas Sector

ENAC Inspection Entity

Acoustic, Industrial.

Plataform Recruitment

Oil & Gas Sector

Repsol Award in Safety

Oil & Gas Sector

Member of ANAVAM

(Nacional Association of Environment Auditors)

Directive Board of CERPER

People Certification from AEC (Spanish Association of Quality).

Member of FORETICA

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Member of AENOR

Auditors & Inspectors

Board Members of Technical Committees:

  • AEN/CTN 165 "Ethic"
  • AEN/CTN 198 "Sustentability & Construction"
  • AEN/CTN 150 "Environment"
  • AEN/CTN 157 "Project Management"
  • AEN/GT 13 "Industrial Risk Management"
  • AEN/CTN 20 "Consultancy support services"
  • AEN/CTN 350 "Construction"

Authorized Auditors for N + H

By the Spanish Industry Ministry

Quality Acreditations

  • ISO 9001 Quality Managment.
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management
  • OHSAS 18001, Health & Safety
  • SPA 

Trained and Qualified Inspectors

  • CWI Certified Welding Inspection.
  • AWS American Welding Inspection.
  • API SCT Specification for Casing and Tubing.
  • API SL Steel Pipe.
  • API SB Specification for Thread Inspection of Casing and Tubing.
  • API 5DP Drill Pipe.
  • ASTM Material Standard (American Section of the International Association for testing Material).
  • ASME Standard (American Society of Mechanical Engineers).

  • ANSI Coce (American National Standard Institute).
  • ANST-UT Level II
  • ANST_RT Level II
  • Inspector and Tester Certificate of Special Equipment People's Republic of China - UT Level II
  • Inspector and Tester Certificate of Special Equipment People's Republic of China RT Level II
  • Inspector and tester Certificate of Special Equipment People's Republic of China - PT Level II
  • ISO 9001 and 14001 Standard IRCA Auditor