Strategic Alliance OGCS - AXON Pressure Products 

Type 90 Subsea Wellhead Connector

AXON’s Type 90 Subsea Wellhead Connector is designed to provide a rigid, preloaded connection to subsea wellhead and LMRP connections during drilling operations. In particular, this subsea wellhead connector is a reliable and field-proven design that maximizes the interchangeability of components between connectors of different sizes. 



  • Maximizes interchangeability of components
  • Test stump can be designed to your specifications upon request
  • Pressure-Tight Seal
  • High Strength Connection
  • Back-Up Release System
  • VX Seal Ring easily replaced

Type 91 Subsea Collet Connector

AXON Type 91 Subsea Collet Connectors are designed to make choke and kill line connections on a subsea BOP stack and LMRP assembly. They are engineered to form a strong connection to withstand bending stresses and separation forces caused by well pressure, tension in the riser, and internal system pressure. 



  • Hydraulically actuated
  • Utilizes an AX type gasket
  • Forms a strong, metal-to-metal seal