Strategic Alliance OGCS - AXON Pressure Products 

Annular BOP Packing Elements

Our OEM annular blowout preventer (BOP) packing elements are developed from a proprietary compound formulation, as well as optimized tooling and metallic designs to support high pressures, high temperatures and a wide variety of drilling fluids. These annular BOP packing elements are engineered for longer service and sealing life without compromising the desirable characteristics of the seal, such as open/close functionality. During validation tests, AXON elements stripped over 13,500 tool joints and exceeded industry standard fatigue cycles by 160%. 



  • 13-5/8’’ 3/5M Type 52 & Type 51 13-5/8’’ 5M Type 51 annular packing elements (NBR) currently available.
  • 7-1/16’’ 3/5M & 11’’ 5M Type 52, 7-1/16’’ 5M & 11’’ 5M Type 51 annular packing elements, and natural rubber Type 52 variants under development/validation testing.
  • Compatible with AXON and most major annular BOPs.
  • Each element must satisfy our factory acceptance test at 100% working pressure on pipe and 50% pressure closed on open hole.
  • Includes AXON’s Seal of Authenticity and test results in documentation package.

Ram BOP Packers

Our ram packers are molded utilizing AXON’s proprietary synthetic rubber formulation and geometrically designed for advanced fatigue and stripping performance in today’s challenging oilfield applications. Each ram packer is tested to AXON’s stringent engineering and quality requirements, based on API 16A standards and/or design validation testing. 



  • Extensive materials research & development for elastomers and plastics
  • Complete pre-production material and process validation
  • Compatible with AXON & most major ram BOPs
  • Product testing lab enables API 16A testing on BOPs, ram packers and more
  • In-house thermal cycling lab for product function testing

Type 50 Flex Packers

AXON’s Type 50 Flex Packers deliver cost-effective sealing solutions for various pipe sizes when utilizing standard ram blocks. Extra rams for variable bore sealing are unnecessary, as our flex packers are engineered to effectively close and seal pipe diameters ranging from 2-7/8” to 2-3/8”. In addition to ease of maintenance in AXON’s Type 50 BOPs, these flex packers feature identical footprints with other leading manufacturers’ ram blocks, allowing for easy interchangeability within your existing fleets.  



  • Superior seal achieved with innovative, interlocking plate that minimizes extrusion gaps across intended pipe ranges
  • Engineered for AXON Type 50 BOPs, as well as other major brands in equivalent sizes
  • Versatile ram packers seal over multiple pipe sizes, resulting in lower operating costs (compared to added cost of special rams for variable bore sealing)
  • Tested to AXON’s stringent engineering and quality requirements, including API 16A standardsand design validation tests

Fixed Bore Pipe Rams & Top Seals


AXON now offers fixed bore pipe ram rubbers and top seals that are compatible with the AXON Type 50 ram BOP and most major BOP brands.


  • 7-1/16’’ 3/15M Type 50 ram packer and top seal.
  • 11’’ 3/10M Type 50 ram packer and top seal.
  • 13-5/8’’ 3/10M Type 50 ram packer and top seal.

Shear Rams


We currently provide shear ram rubbers for the AXON Type 50 ram BOP and most major BOP brands.


  • 7-1/6’’ 3/15M SBR
  • 11’’ 3/10M SBR
  • 11’’ 3/10M ISR
  • 13-5/8’’ 10M SBR
  • 13-5/8’’ 10M ISR

Seal Kits


AXON provides seal kits in the sizes listed below. 


  • Type 50 7’’ thru 13’’ standard seal kit.
  • Type 50 7’’ thru 13’’ large bore seal kit.
  • Type 50 7’’ thru 13’’ shear booster seal kit.
  • Type 52 and Type 51 seal kits under development/validation testing. 

GV Stem Packing Seals

 We currently offer GV Stem Packing Seals. 

Variable Bore Rams


AXON's variable bore rams (VBRs) are undergoing development/validation testing.


  • 7-1/6’’ 10M Type 50 VBR,
  • 11’’ 10M Type 50 VBR    
  • 13-5/8’’ 10M Type 50 VBR

Type 90 Connector Hydrate Seal

AXON provides a Type 90 connector hydrate seal.


Type 50 Flex Packers (pdf)


ram Bop packers (pdf)


annular Bop packing elements (pdf)


type 90 Subsea Wellhead Connector (pdf)