Strategic Alliance OGCS - AXON Pressure Products 

MPD Manifold

Ideal for underbalanced and managed pressure drilling applications, AXON’s MPD manifolds are engineered to maximize control of your wellbore’s pressure profile. Our MPD manifolds are manufactured to meet your specific requirements and fully tested for intended usage and environments.  



  • Permanently installed or modular skid package 
  • Customizable to wide range of configurations  
  • Includes flow-through to choke and kill manifold 
  • API, ANSI, NACE, ASTM, NORSOK & ASME international certifications available 

Choke and Kill Manifold

AXON’s choke and kill manifolds are designed with durable components, thereby reducing the erosion that typically results from extremely high velocities at the pressure drop. 



  • All components meet H2S specifications.
  • All welded components receive post-weld heat treatment in accordance with approved procedures.

Mud Standpipe Manifold

Designed for continuous service, AXON’s high pressure mud manifolds are capable of delivering all drilling and completion fluids in normal use at the specified pressures and volumes. 

Cement Standpipe Manifold

Intended for low operating torques and flexible operation in normal and low temperature, AXON cement manifolds are used to deliver cement slurry output from cementing pumps. 

Flowback Manifold

 Engineered to optimize safety, AXON’s flowback manifold relies on dual hydraulic chokes.  



  • Allows for maintenance and repairs on the chokes throughout an operation with no interruption of the flow rate
  • Operator can remotely control well flow from a safe distance

Plug Debris Catcher

AXON offers a plug debris catcher for use in the frac and flow back stage of completing a well.  



  • Optimized to catch plug debris when the temporary plug is drilled out
  • Can isolate the different zones of the well for fracturing operations

Spec Sheet

Manifolds (pdf)