Strategic Alliance OGCS - AXON Pressure Products

Pressure Control

Type 51 Annular BOP

Type 52 Annular BOP

Type 55 Annular BOP

Type 50 RAM BOP

Type 53 RAM BOP

Type 62 Ram Blowout Preventer

X-treme BOP Design

V-Shear Pipe Centering Shear Rams



Type 63 CT / Workover BOP

Type 70 Diverter System

Type 90 Subsea Wellhead Connector

Type 91 Subsea Collet Connector

Fixed Bore Pipe Rams & Top Seals

Shear Rams

Annular BOP Packing Elements

Ram BOP Packers

Type 50 Flex Packers

Seal Kits

Type 90 Connector Hydrate Seal

GV Stem Packing Seals

Variable Bore Rams

Flow Control


Type 20 Check Valve

Type 21 Check Valve

Type 22 Checkmaster™ Check Valve

Type 23 Lift Check Valve

Type 41 Gate Valve

Type 43 Gate Valve

Type 44 Full Bore Gate Valve

Type 46 Mud Service Gate Valve

Type 47 Gate Valve

Type G Gate Valve

Plugmaster™ Plug Valve

Type 30 Choke

Type 31 Drilling Choke

Type 32 Drilling Choke

Chokemaster™ Drilling Choke

Type P1/P2 Adjustable/Positive Choke

Type PA/PB Cage Choke

Type P7 Inline Choke

MPD Manifold

Choke Floor / Well Test Manifold

Choke and Kill Manifold

Mud Standpipe Manifold

Cement Standpipe Manifold

Flowback Manifold

Plug Debris Catcher

BOP Controls

Surface/Shallow BOP Controls

Mid Depth BOP Controls

Deep/Ultra Deep BOP Controls

Auxiliary Equipment

Aftermarket Support

24/7 on-site service.

Global repair and service center network.

Highly trained technicians with the ability to repair all AXON type and most leading manufacturers’ equipment.

Technology solutions that provide the most efficient and economical repair, recertification and service results.

Weekly customer asset reporting.

Assembly, evaluation, and certification services to ensure your equipment is in compliance with requirements for safe operation.

Quality oversight for load path. components to ensure compliance with design requirements.