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Type 50 Ram Blowout Preventer

AXON’s Type 50 Blowout Preventer (BOP) is designed to provide a fast and reliable closure of the well bore during drilling operations. 

Its simple, compact design makes it well-suited both subsea and surface drilling operations. Moreover, the one-piece Type 50 Ram assembly provides a pressure-energized seal with maximum contact area to the drill pipe, casing, or tubing. This ensures a lower rubber pressure to the pipe and increased seal life. 



  • Large bore shearing bonnets available for shearing high strength pipe
  • All BOPs are suitable for H2S service as standard
  • All hydraulic connections to the BOP are 1" NPT
  • Flange or hub end connections with BX, AX, or CX type gaskets available
  • A large variety of Ram assemblies are available

Type 53 Ram Blowout Preventer

The AXON Type 53 Ram Blowout Preventer is designed for safe well pressure control during surface drilling and workover operations. 

The simple and reliable design has been proven and accepted for reliable operation in all oil and gas areas in the world. The Type 53 BOP is available in either flanged or studded configurations.  



  • Designed and manufactured to ISO 13533 and API Specification 16A
  • Shorter in height and reduced weight when compared to other BOPs
  • 5000 psi (34.47 Mpa) maximum working pressure
  • Standard operation pressure of 1500 psi (10,34 Mpa)
  •  Large assortment of Ram sizes and types available

Type 62 Ram Blowout Preventer

The Type 62 Ram Blowout Preventer (BOP) is designed for safe well pressure control during surface and subsea drilling operations. 

Hydraulic RAM change operation provides a fast, safe removal and replacement of rams. 

Forged alloy steel manufactured to the highest industry standards are used in the construction of the Type 62 BOP. 

Side RAM removal and a composite bonnet design reduces height and weight compared to similar BOPs. 

Well pressure is isolated from the operating system by a special combination of a resilient lip type seal, externally energized back up seal, and a vent port. This important feature ensures no leakage of the well fluids into the operating system. 



  • Designed and manufactured to ISO 13533 (API 16A) for drill through equipment
  • Hydraulic ram change and side ram removal
  • Shorter in height and reduced weight when compared to other BOPs
  • Bore sealing bonnet seal reduces bonnet stud torque
  • Single piece ram provides pressure energized well bore seal
  • Large operating piston area and optional shear boosters for reliable shearing operations
  • Flanged or studded end connections with BX or CX type gaskets are available
  • Large assortment of ram sizes and types are available

X-treme BOP Design

AXON's X-treme BOP design (patent pending) is engineered with an innovative pattern that significantly decreases weight and height. 

Configurable to virtually any BOP type and size, this groundbreaking design typically reduces the original.

BOP's weight and height by approximately 25%2.

  1. Comparison using 11-5M Quad BOP with 3 standard operators & upper shear w/booster.
  2. Results are typical but may vary according to BOP size. 



  • Substantially reduced weight and height.
  • Cutting-edge design improves body stress.
  • Especially useful in coiled tubing and other operations with space restrictions.
  • Configurable to virtually any BOP type and size.

V-Shear Pipe Centering Shear Rams

AXON's versatile, pipe-centering V-Shear delivers premium sealing and superior efficiency for improved shear ram performance. 

In particular, our advanced V-Shear technology allows for a higher shear force and lower operating force.

Moreover, this patented design features specific shear blade geometry that guides the pipe closer to the bore center.  



  • Improved pipe centering capabilities 
  • Ability to shear wide range of pipe sizes & diameters
  • Innovative lateral seal design
  • Higher pipe stress concentration for quicker shearing

Spec Sheets

V-SHEAR (pdf)




RAM Type 62 Blowout Preventer (pdf)


RAM type 53 Blowout Preventer (pdf)


RAM Type 50 Blowout Preventer (pdf)