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  • Artificial Lift Surface Equipment.
  • Submersible equipment.
  • Low-voltage equipment.
  • Medium-voltage equipment.
  • LESP.
  • Software.
  • Solar.

Artificial Lift Surface Equipment

AK series for control and protection of submersible electric motors

Artificial Lift Surface Equipment is meant for monitoring and managing the oil production in the wells with the lack of natural oil pressure. It can be easily integrated within any of your extraction equipment (any type of motor, pump, etc. by any producer). 

The AK01 Series Switchboard and AK06 Series Variable speed drive: Our products are divided into two sections containing information about models with NEMA enclosures and with IP43 enclosures for indoor/ outdoor installation in a cold climate (according to industry standard GOST 15150-69). 

OGCS covers three series, AK01, AK02, and AK06, with detailed descriptions for all models and offers solution for specific environmental conditions of: Middle East, Asian Pacific, South America and Siberia.

  • Work with Induction and PMM motor.
  • -6,-12,-18,-24 Pulses solutions.
  • VSD with Active Harmonic Filter.
  • Comply to IEEE 519.
  • Built-in output sine wave filter.
  • Different enclosure type from NEMA1 to NEMA4 and NEMA4X.
  • Work on different supply network 380/415/480V 50/60Hz.
  • VSD and motor protection. 
  • Enchased periphery (Gauges, SCADA, Sensors connections).

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  • Switchboard AK01 Series.
  • Variable speed drive AK06 Series.

Submersible equipment

Downhole measuring system TM01

Submersible equipmentis represented by OGCS-Triol Downhole measuring system TM01 and unique Linear electric submersible pump. Together they represent a complete solution for equipping the stock of marginal oil wells.

Fully packed gauges with surface panel and choke (intake and discharge measurements).

  • Simple integration to control system.
  • Innovation solution for low flow well production.
  • Work on corrosive environment.

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  • Downhole measuring system Triol ТМ01–05.
  • Downhole measuring system Triol ТМ01–06

Low-voltage equipment

Low voltage variable frequency drive AT24

Low-voltage equipment is represented by Variable speed drives AT24, which are are successfully operating in a wide range of areas: fuel and energy sector, housing and utilities, infrastructure, mining industry, construction industry, cement production and metallurgy.

  • Multiblock system.
  • Power cell by-pass protection.
  • High efficiency. 
  • Power recuperation. 
  • Integrated phase-shift transformer.
  • Low level of input and output harmonic.
  • Indoor and outdoor type.

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  • Variable frequency drive Triol AT24 Series – Pump application.
  • Variable frequency drive Triol AT24 Series – HVAC application.
  • Lift (Elevator), Crane, AT24 Series.
  • Variable Frequency Drives Triol AT24 Series – MP.
  • Triol KH24+ Voltage Compensator.

Medium-voltage equipment

Variable frequency drive Triol AT27 Series

This series of VFD’s with a multi-level PWM topology has high energy efficiency, reliability and serviceability.

  • Solution for HVAC, Crane, Lift, Pump.
  • Work on different supply network (380V 50Hz, 480V 60Hz, 660V 50/60Hz).
  • VFD and motor protections.
  • Different enclosure type from NEMA1 to NEMA4, metal and plastics.
  • Work with PMM and Induction motor.
  • Enchased periphery (Modbus RTU, Profibus, Ethernet and etc).

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  • AT27 VFD, 6 kV.
  • AT27 VFD, 10 kV.
  • AT27 VFD, 11 kV.
  • AT27 VFD, 3.3 kV.
  • AT27 VFD, 4.2 kV.

Block-box type:

  • AT27 VFD, 6 kV.
  • AT27 VFD, 10 kV.
  • AT27 VFD, 11 kV.
  • AT27 VFD, 3.3 kV.
  • AT27 VFD, 4.2 kV


Remote monitoring system ITA

Remote monitoring system ITA is an innovative product of Triol Corporation for the control of industry facilities and housing and community amenities. ITA combines software features for gathering, processing and analysing the information about condition and performance indicators of remote equipment. Its “heart” consists of router Triol MT01 and low level controller with 3G modem functional.

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  • ITA