Strategic Alliance OGCS - AXON Pressure Products 

Type 20 Check Valve

The AXON Type 20 check valve is a field-proven check valve which can be used in drilling and production applications. These valves are unidirectional and feature flanged-end connections, easy and readily available parts for replacement and can be repaired in the field without any special tooling. 



  • Operating pressures up to 15,000 psi.
  • Flanged or clamp hub end connections.

Type 21 Check Valve

AXON’s Type 21 check valve features a metal-to-metal sealing designed for high pressure or high temperature drilling environments. This versatile design can be mounted vertically or horizontally in high pressure mud choke manifolds and high pressure Christmas tree injection and kill lines. 



  • Operating pressures up to 20,000 psi
  • Flanged or clamp hub end connections

Type 22 Checkmaster™ Check Valve

The AXON Type 22 Checkmaster™ check valve is a heavy-duty, one-way lift check valvefor choke and kill manifolds. The valve consists of precision-machined parts that arecarefully inspected and tested. Furthermore, the valve features long, trouble-freeservice, as well as, simple and inexpensive maintenance requirements. 



  • One-piece forged steel body, constructed from rugged materials that exceed API specification 6A.
  • Can be installed in a horizontal or vertical position.
  • Valve seals can be replaced without removing from line.
  • No special tools required for servicing.
  • Replaceable lip-type seat seal is used to provide leak-proof connections.
  • Available in PSL-1 thru 4 and temperature class -75° F up to 350° F (K to X).
  • Optional “lock-open” feature to reduce duration of required BOP stack. pressure testing (check valve remains in the “open“ position).

Type 23 Lift Check Valve

AXON’s Type 23 Lift Check Valve has been developed to suit the production applications in severe corrosion conditions. The Type 23 is optimized for a variety of applications; for example, the lift check is spring-loaded to ensure its service in each position. 



  • Size: 2.1/16" to 4.1/16"
  • Forged body construction
  • Spring loaded check
  • Cobalt alloy seat 

Type 41 Gate Valve

 AXON’s Type 41 Gate Valve offers bi-directional sealing and utilizes a non-rising stem, making it ideally suited for drilling manifold and production operations. This gate valve is available for operating pressures up to 20,000 PSI, which meets all API 6A PSL levels. Also, the Type 41 gate valve can be equipped with hydraulic actuators for manifold or subsea service. 



  • Solid one-piece gate construction
  • Metal-to-metal seal surfaces
  • Forged body construction
  • Cobalt alloy seat rings

Type 43 Gate Valve

AXON Type 43 Gate Valves are designed especially for harsh environments encountered during frac, snubbing, or work over operations. The valves are compact and lower in weight than similar gate valves in the market. In addition, the unique gate design minimizes damage to seal surfaces, resulting in increased performance and reduced valve repair cost. 



  • Bore sizes: 4-1/16", 5-1/8", and 7-1/16"
  • Pressure ratings up to 20,000 psi.
  • Solid one-piece gate construction.
  • Metal-to-metal seal surfaces.
  • Forged body construction.
  • Cobalt alloy seat rings.

Type 44 Full Bore Gate Valve

AXON’s Type 44 Full Bore Gate Valve, are designed especially for harsh environments during frac, snubbing, or workover operations. These Full Bore Gate Valves use the floating slab type gate with industry proven metal sealing. Standard API ring gaskets are used to seal the bonnet to the body. AXON offers two types of manually operated valves. The basic manual valve has a non-rising stem and a standard stem to gate thread actuation. This is available in only the 10,000 and 15,000 psi W.P. valves. 



  • Pressure ratings up to 20,000 psi
  • Solid one-piece gate construction
  • Compact, low weight design
  • Forged body construction
  • Cobalt alloy seat rings

Type 46 Mud Service Gate Valve

Designed to work specifically in mud service operations and standpipe manifolds during drilling operations, AXON’s Type 46 Mud Service Gate Valves are rated up to 7500 psi. The Type 46 Mud Service Gate Valve is a bi-directional sealing gate valve utilizing industry-proven designs and materials. Furthermore, the open conduit design allows for body clean out by flow through the open valve. 



  • Rising stem protects threads from bore fluids
  • Metal sealing pressurized bonnet gasket
  • Gate and seats coated for abrasion and wear resistance

Type 47 Gate Valve

AXON’s patent pending, Type 47 gate valve features an optimized design to meet the increasing demand for high pressure/erosive service conditions in drilling and production environments. For example, the Type 47 manual and hydraulic gate valve offers true metal-to-metal sealing throughout the flow bore, eliminating the need for elastomers. This design improvement results in an increased valve temperature range and improved performance during operation.    



  • Non-rising stem design ensures consistent operating response independent of fluid composition
  • T-slotted ‘floating’ slab gate
  • Metal-to-metal sealing throughout the flow bore
  • Upstream and downstream sealing reduces intrusion of debris and contaminants into the body cavity
  • Supplemental ‘soft’ seals enhance sealing performance at low pressures

Type G Gate Valve

AXON’s Type G Gate Valve offers bidirectionnal sealing in high and low pressures, for oil or gas, with the dual seat seal. PR2 certified, the valve is compatible with your manifold and production applications in the most severe corrosion conditions. 



  • Size: 2.1/16" to 7.1/16"
  • Tungsten carbide facings
  • Dual seat seal for high/low pressure seal
  • Forged body construction
  • Solid one piece seats and gate

Plugmaster™ Plug Valve

Designed for reliability and easy maintenance, the AXON Plugmaster™ Plug Valve is an optimized, quarter-turn valve that can be utilized for numerous high pressure and pumping applications, such as: blow-out preventer systems, snubbing, cementing, well stimulation, sand separator systems, gravel pack applications, coiled tubing systems, production testing, flow control, flow back operations and more. The compact design on our Plugmaster™ Plug Valve features a large bore that allows for larger tools to be worked through, as well as larger volumes to be pumped and flowed back. This results in less equipment required on location and decreased abrasive erosion. 



  • Bore sizes 2” (2.06” bore), 3” (2.75” bore), and 4” (3.06” bore)
  • One-piece, forged steel body is constructed from rugged materials that exceed API 6A specifications
  • Standard valve trim offered for H2S service
  • Available in hammer union or flanged connection
  • Available in PSL-1 to 3 and Temperature Class P to U